Taps- Griffin, Donald   


From: <MaxMoore55@aol.com>   Date: Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 8:03 PM
Subject: TAPS Don Griffin

 Sad to report long time 55ther and good friend Don Griffin passed 27 July, age 91.
He had been in detiriorating health for some time and finally surcumbed.
BoD member for years, founder of the Assn web site in 1996.
Widow Marsha called today.

RIP and VO.
Donald M. Griffin 8683 Rawhide Ln#11, Wilton CA 95693
Personal statement: Now married to the former Marsha LaSalle, and as a couple claim interest in a total of seven children; Don with five daughters, Jennifer, Constance, Penny, Ruth, and Julie, and Marsha with son Bill and daughter Amy.
1 July'81 Retired from active duty as Colonel, 38 years of military service
      (active and inactive), more than 10,000 flying hours.
Sep '79 Dyess Air Force Base, Texas ,12th Air Division Executive Officer
Nov'76 Zaragoza Air Base, Spain, to form and Command Det 2, 306th Strat Wg
Sept '76 Torrejon AB, Spain, Cmdr, 98th Strat Wing (SAC).
         Wing selected to deactivate - Don served as it's retiring official.
Dec '73 Sixth Strategic Wing, Eielson AFB, Alaska; Vice Cmdr and CO.
Nov '71 55th SRW, Offutt AFB; 55 FMS/CC, 2ACCS/CC, Wg ADCO, and DCO.
Oct '70 Shemya AF Station, Ak, Cmdr, Det 1, Sixth Strat Wing (SAC).
            Cobra Ball Operations.
April '66 55th SRW Offutt AFB NE, via Castle AFB; EC, KC, RC-135,
    Global Recon, (3000+ hrs). (IP/Stan Eval (Chief Recon Branch)/ 55/DCOT.
April '59 55th SRW, Forbes AFB, KS, RB-47H (3000+ hrs), CC, IP, Stand Eval
July 58  McConnell AFB, Wichita KS, B-47 Flight Training (SAC).
Nov 54 67th Tac Recon Wing to Japan, RC-47, RB-26 and RB-66C.
July 54 67th Tac Recon Wg, Kimpo Air Base, Korea, 11th Tac Recon Sq,
             Pilot, IP and Asst Sq Ops Officer, RB-26 and RC-47
May 53 Recalled to Active Duty, Lowry AFB, CO;   IP, RB-25 and RC-47.
June 49 Inactive Reserve, returned to family farm in Kansas.
Feb 47 Army Air Corps Active Reserve, B-26, Civ Occupation,  Flight Instr.
Nov 46 Discharged, Williams Field Arizona , Reason; Demobilization.
Sept 45 Graduate, Pilot Training Class 45-F, Luke Field AZ
Oct 43- Private US Army Air Corps and Aviation Cadet Training.
Oct 6 -'25 Born in rural Yuma county Colorado,
        raised in rural Rooks County Kansas (dust-bowl) during the depression.