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Stories of the past reflecting activities, experiences, or antics,
executed by members of the 55th SRW and the 55th Wing.

          If you have a hero, tell us about that, or if you have a story (Non-Fiction) that would be of interest to the
          membership, write that up for posting in this directory of the website. A paragraph (by the author) should
          accompany the story stating ... it is a non-fiction historical article to the best of the writer's knowledge.
         Photos should be included if at all possible.
INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit a story (approximately 2500 words or less) in one of the following formats:
                                                                     1. attachment as a MS-Word document (*.doc)
                                                                     2.  attachment as a text file (*.txt)
                                                                     3.  verbiage contained within an eMail message

                                                                            Send your input to

Train of Thought
by Frank Train
Keen' Reflections
by Richard 'Dick' Keen
RB47 Gear-Up Ldg on Guam
by Don Foster
Hanner's Story
by Gerald Hanner
Our 55th Ceremonial Bell
by Max Moore
Incirlik Memories
by Roby Craft
Landing on Top of the World
by John Draper
The Beginning of the 55th Mission
George Penfield
'Badger' Formation
by Robert Hopkins
RB47H Radome Fix
by Buddy Goddard
Playing the Sympathy Card
by Bill OHara
Flight From Hell
by Tony Villari
Cobra Jaw & Ac# 121
by Gary Nelson
Routine Night at the Office
 over the Black Sea

by Sparky Adams
A visit to Palm Park
by Tony Maurin
Air Refueling Support
by Lloyd Ward
Getting to know the RB-47
by Ben White
Uh-Oh, an RB-47 Adventure
by Bruce Bailey
A Chronicle Of Longevity
by Max Moore
My AC, LTC James G Woolbright
by Sam Pizzo
A Tribute to a Hero (Hanna)
by Armand Stolte
Another Tell Two Tale
by Jack Kovacs
34 Navs and O'Hara
by Bill O'Hara
Symposeum: Cold War in Flames
by Robb Hoover
A Challenge to all RC-135 crew members
by Hugh Hunton
Bogey at 3 O'Clock
by Richard "Zot" Barazzotto
by Sam Pizzo
Washateria Tycoon
by Charles Benyunes
Safety-Soviet Style
by Sam Pizzo
All's Fair in Love and War
by Sam Pizzo
A Tribute To Trous, Grace Period Two
by John Achor
Winter Survival School, Topeka Style
by Sam Pizzo
Operatiom Home Run
by Sam Pizzo
My Tour At Forbes
by Robert H. Goss
Aviation Cadet Days
by Jack Kovacs
by Walt Stoll
Good News - Bad News
by Ed Parker
Too much touchy-touchy
by Ed Parker


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