Sep 09, 2017
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 Century Link Center - Social 1800-1845 - Seating 1900 -

           2017 Birthday Ball

Themes are: 100 Years of Air Power, 70 Years of USAF, 150 Years of Nebr. Statehood. 55th Wing history will be addressed in the script/program, I'm told.
The Hall of Fame and 55th Wg Assn Award for Excellence presentations are part of the program.
Dave Webber will again MC.
Whether you get and invitation or not, but want to attend the event, you can
RSVP by 31 August to 55th Wing Protocol, ATTN: MSgt Miguel Saucedo, Committee Chairman 205 Looking Glass Ave, Ste 121, Offutt AFB, NE 68113   ph: 402-294-3845
   Price is $20 per person, (altho the actual per head cost is $40, so if you so desire to help the delta with a few extra $$, it would be appreciated in the donation count).
     The low price is an attempt to get max. attendance and mayhap break the Ball record of 970 set in 2012. However, the contract is for 900 bodies.
        Checks should be made out to the Offutt TOP 3 Association
Indicate your rank and name, and same for guest(s), as appropriate.
Be sure to indicate meal choices for each guest: Beef, Chicken, Vegetarian
You can also tell them with whom you would prefer at your table (it is a good idea to know IF those chosen ones are actually attending the Ball and want to sit with you.)
Attire is: Mess dress or semi-formal for military; Formal/Tux/Coat and tie for civilians.Ladies will wear whatever they damn well please, and  woe betide anyone who has the chutzpah to tell them they are wrong.
At this typing, the committee was working to get a special rate at the
Hilton Omaha hotel just across the street from the Center. Calling the l-844 number for central reservation in Honduras, I was told there were no rooms for the 8th or 9th of Sept. Don't waste time on that call. But, going on line to Hilton Omaha on Cass St, was able to book at $138 or $147 depending on room/beds. There was no  option for mil/gov rate, but that, and a special Ball rate, if it happens,  can be addressed at the check-in desk. There are a Marriott and a Hampton Inn within walking distance, as well. No, I have not looked up their contact numbers.

 2017 Tales of t5he 55th         

55th Wing Association  President (Col-Ret) Joe Spivey, left, presents a facsimile check for $2000 to MSgt Miguel Saucedo, 55th Wing IG Superintendent and Chairman of the Air Force and 55th Wing Birthday Ball. 55th Wing Association Treasurer (Col-Ret) Michael Cook on the right presented the actual check 25 August 2017